Our CB series  bale feeders are the solution you’ve been looking for. Available in sizes ranging from 7’X7’ to 8’X24’, these heavy-duty bale feeders accommodate big round and large square bales. Rails and cradles ensure that your bale stays centered and off of the ground. Added swing or fold-down gate makes loading with a three point or truck mounted spear possible. Feeder measures over five feet tall with the added top boards and helps keep animals from reaching over the top. Slant bars make sure cattle keep their heads in the feeder while eating.
Built Tough (No smashed pipe!) A lot of bale feeders out there are constructed with surplus, or oil field tube and pipe. The quickest and most economical way to construct them is to smash the ends of the pipe where weld joints occur. It may be the quickest and easiest, but it certainly isn’t the strongest. Smashing the ends of the pipe does two things: one, it creates a weak point where the pipe has been smashed, and two, it cuts the amount of weld holding the piece in place nearly in half. These feeders are constructed with prime square tube and fully welded. All joints are mitered for added strength and durability. We give a full year warranty against animal abuse.
Added options available include: bunk floors, metal roofs, silage inserts, horse or horned cattle models and wagon models for larger feeders.

Our heavy duty welded bale rings are much tougher than the average bolt together unit that ends up in the scrap pile. We offer bale rings with or without skirts and even horse and horned cattle models.

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